Blurring the Lines: Meaning in the Making

19 November 2022
alle 13:45

The European Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Blurring the Lines, Urbanautica, and Paris College of Art, will host on November 19, 2022, the 4th International Conference on Photography and Education. This year’s event focuses on “Meaning in the Making.” Nowadays, thanks to the power of social media, we see a considerable amount of images that look alike. Either they are taken in the exact locations, have a similar visual narrative, or depict identical subjects. But in the end, what makes the difference is the meaning that photographers tend to convey with their work.

For the 2022 edition, the theme « The Meaning in the Making » aims to potentially distinguish “meaning in a photograph” from “meaning through photographing.” Making an image is an entirely different experience —it requires skill, knowledge, and the experience of knowing what you want from a setup before you even put the viewfinder up to your eye. The art of making images takes a life span to understand.

A photograph goes beyond what is depicted and points to what is suggested beyond the boundaries of the frame. The meaning delves into our minds to create meaningful work and explore our connection with the viewer. It is attained through narrative, storytelling, symbolism, and metaphor, leaving space for imagination and deeper audience engagement. In that sense, finding meaning in the making comes down to understanding ourselves: what we value, what we fear and how our past experiences still inform our emotions and beheavior today.

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