9 RM_CARNACION_©Simone Fratini


27 July 2022
alle 20:00

A young Spanish bailaora and choreographer and a radical, tireless interpreter and innovator in modern flamenco, Rocío Molina has been awarded the Silver Lion at the 16th Venice Dance Biennale for her latest creation, Carnación. The performance is almost “an open itinerary, a research on desire that starts with intuition, whose origin can only be found in illo tempore (in that time). An investigation on the body and its ability to create images of a past we cannot fully understand. Thus, we witness the building of a myth where desire embodies the psychic stream that goes from the human to the sacred, from the spiritual to the animal, to the ‘materialistic poison’ that shackles us and the sacrifice of descent and ascent, of the axis of the world that actuates its liberation.” Molina stages an explosion of physical creative energy and a battle between the energy of her body and the music by five accompanying performers.