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16 March 2023
alle 18:30

Concrete Bach is a film by Riccardo De Cal born from an intuition of Mario Brunello, one of the greatest interpreters of Bach’s music, and who has always been fascinated by Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Memorial. It is previewed at the Querini Stampalia in the presence of the director and the musician, who dialogue with the architecture historian Francesco Dal Co and the musicologist Guido Barbieri. The video compares two extraordinary works: the Chaconne by J.S. Bach and the Brion memorial by Carlo Scarpa. The Chaconne and the Brion Memorial represent, in their respective arts, two very high forms of expression: a complex and symbolic musical architecture and an emotional and impactful architectural construction. Both works explore the theme of life and death, giving a sense of timelessness through the beauty and craftsmanship of their creation. They are two works of art from different eras and artistic fields, but they are similar in their ability to arouse emotions and to convey the power of memory through architecture and music. Admission is free while seats last.