18 March 2023
alle 21:00

Over the past 10 years, the duo Bartolomey Bittmann has immersed themselves in the development of a unique progressive repertoire for instruments deeply rooted in the classical music tradition. Since their inception they have concentrated on creating original compositions, experimenting with new playing techniques for the cello, violin and mandola. Their extended musical range ranges from powerful rock riffs and frenetically virtuosic chord passages to visceral grooves and tender lullabies, always striving for the acoustic essence of their instruments, without resorting to electronics and effects. Matthias Bartolomey and Klemens Bittmann have always conceived their duo as a long-term project, a counterweight to our fast and hectic times. This gives them the opportunity to continuously refine their playing and elaborate their musical statement, both during the numerous concerts and in the intense composition sessions. Their new programme, zehn, is a celebration of their ensemble’s 10th anniversary and consists of new songs, most of them written during the Covid-induced lockdown.