16 March 2023
alle 18:00

The formation led by the percussionist Enrico Morello who will be a guest of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi on March 16th involves some of the most creative and appreciated jazz musicians in Italy, namely Francesco Lento on trumpet, Daniele Tittarelli on saxophone and Matteo Bortone on double bass. With Cyclic Signs Enrico Morello, born in 1988, makes his recording debut despite having already distinguished himself for several years as one of the most talented drummers of his generation, having collected leading collaborations such as militancy in the New Quartet and in Enrico Rava’s Special Edition sextet, as well to important experiences also on the didactic level that see him engaged as a professor at the prestigious Siena Jazz University.
A first work that fully reveals Morello’s qualities, both in the happy choice of musicians and in keeping a well-supervised stylistic line, open to the precious contributions of individuals and vitalized by a multiplicity of stimuli. A variety of inspirations that develop through the songs, offering the instrumentalists involved the stimuli to deviate from the path, establishing fresh and spontaneous reciprocal connections that generate multiform and unexpected soundscapes.