Feast of the Redeemer

16 July 2022


17 July 2022

A phantasmagorical fireworks show lights up the Venetian summer night, a great emotion both for Venetians and tourists, enhanced by the reflections of the large natural mirror of St. Mark’s Basin. The Redeemer Feast is a deep-rooted tradition for Venetians, it’s their most important festival. Watching the fireworks (la notte dei foghi as Venetians call it) from the banks of St. Mark’s Basin, from the terraces of palaces and hotels or, a real must of the party, from the boats – equipped with long tables full of traditional Venetian dishes specially served on this occasion such as bigoi in salsa (thick spaghetti in an onion and anchovies sauce), sardine in saor (fried sardines marinated with sweet and sour onions flavoured with raisins and pine nuts), bovoeti (small land snails marinated with garlic, parsley and olive oil) and watermelon – is an experience that never disappoints, a magical vision that suspends the city in a night of indefinite time. However, the city does not neglect the religious aspect of the celebration and keeps alive the tradition of going on pilgrimage to the Palladian church of the Redeemer walking along the 330-meter-long votive pontoon bridge that crosses the Giudecca canal from the Zattere to the Redeemer church. The church, consecrated to the Redeemer to celebrate the end of the terrible plague of 1576, is the heart of the Festival and is considered one of Palladio’s Renaissance masterpieces. Here are held the solemn celebrations presided by the Patriarch of Venice. In the afternoon, after the celebrations, just for a few hours the Giudecca Canal is given back to His majesty the oar, undisputed master of this water space which is usually very busy with motorboats. The race, the Regatta of the Redeemer, is a real test of physical strength and cunning in governing the gondolini at best: the challenge is to follow the right current along the whole itinerary, from the Redemeer Church along the Giudecca canal, the Fusina canal, around the paleto at San Giorgio in Alga and return to the finish line near the Church of the Redeemer.