Candiani Groove
12 November 2022
alle 21:00

Candiani Groove continues with Soley‘s “light of hope”, a new album by Franco-Martinique pianist Grégory Privat, José’s son of art, since 1993 pianist and leader of the Caribbean band Malavoi. The energy that exudes from his music does not hide the elegance of touch and compositions, which reveal years spent studying classical music before starting to compose and improvise, finding in jazz the ideal ground on which to pour out one’s creativity. In less than a decade he has become one of the brightest and most captivating pianists of the French jazz scene and Soley is a hybrid universe, where jazz, Caribbean music and electronic music, piano and synthesizer, legacy of jazz trio, classical tradition and singing are mixed. because for the first time Grégory also reveals himself as a singer, reaching a vocal dimension between the instrumental and the narrative that gives his music an extraordinary emotional power.