4 August 2022


7 August 2022

Every Thursday, Friday and Sunday the appointment is in Fondamenta for a sunset concert hosted by the city’s jazz club par excellence. Jazz in its most modern declination and contaminated with ethnic and contemporary music. A program of appointments on the wonderful “al fresco” outdoor terrace of the Cannaregio canal that will obviously accompany a tasty dinner: on August 4th here is the Nabila Dandara BrasilVe 4tet, the next day it is the turn of Francesco Carloni 4tet and the Genovesi / Boato duo on Sunday 7th August.
After hosting several concerts of the 14th Venice Jazz Festival, the Fondamenta Cannaregio eco-restaurant continues with a program that combines food with music, with these events preceding the stop scheduled from 8 to 21 August, and then restarting on 25.