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Thursday, 16 June 2022
at 16:30

The Querini Stampalia Foundation promotes a meeting-dialogue that wants to reflect on sustainability within the world of art and wants to do it in a concrete way, addressing the issue in the round, to bring out problems, observations, solutions.
The initiative is part of OpificioQuerini, a project born in 2020 in which ten entrepreneurial realities participate who believe in the value of culture and the need to support it by networking. Arterìa, an Italian company of excellence in the transport, packaging, handling and installation of works of art market, is a partner of OpificioQuerini.
The protagonists of the event will be professionals of the sector but also the public, involved in a constructive debate that wants to address the topic from several points of view: the reuse of the fittings, the relationship between economic sustainability and environmental sustainability, sustainability certifications for the sector, the role of the courier, stocks, the limits imposed by insurance companies and any proposals to be implemented are just some of the issues.
Speakers at the debate: Antonio Addari – Managing Director of Arterìa srl; Corinne Barbieri – Head of cultural projects of ‘Fa la cosa Giusta!’; Fiorella Nicosia – Gallery Climate Coalition; Linda Pacifici – Exhibition coordination / Senior Registrar of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation; Babet Trevisan – Museum Management and Exhibitions of the Querini Stampalia Foundation.
At the end of the debate, the unconventional performance by Roberto Mercadini, theatrical actor, writer, youtuber. We are the soil, we are the earth will propose an unprecedented reflection on the theme of sustainability.


Campo Santa Maria Formosa, Castello 5252
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