Venice Carnival 2023
4 February 2023
alle 20:00

The Opening Parade will stage all the symbols of the carnival tradition, thanks to artists, colours, plays of light and music brought together in a large floating performance that will parade along the Grand Canal, in a festive and ancestral atmosphere. A majestic floating stage will cross the waters of the Grand Canal up to Punta della Dogana to officially open the most famous Carnival in the world. A theater suspended over the water, led by a Unicorn, a magical creature that transports dreamers towards the unique and fantastic magic of the Venice Carnival. A journey framed by a Baroque scenography that recalls tradition, revisited in white in a mystical and evocative conception. White like the founding stones of the architecture of Venice, like a white canvas painted by fifty artists who, dressed in the splendid creations of the historic Venetian Ateliers, will bring it to life with color and art, dreamers who are also sailors and companions of marvels. The enchanting creations of the Pietro Longhi, Nicolao Atelier, Antonia Sautter and La Bauta Ateliers bear witness to the artisan art of masking.