Venezia Jazz Festival - Fall Edition | Candiani Groove
26 November 2022
alle 21:00

Rebellious, anti-racist, nonconformist, but above all one of the most talented musicians in the history of jazz, this was Charles Mingus. On the occasion of the centenary of their birth, the Quintorigo family are dedicating a new tribute to the genius of the American composer, with the creation of a live show that will see the participation of the eclectic Gino Castaldo, journalist and music critic, radio host and popularizer of musical culture, but above all among the few to have met the great master of jazz.
Anecdotes, stories, a historical analysis of the period and the character, accompanied by the unmistakable sounds of the Quintorigo, in a modern and fascinating reinterpretation of the music of one of the most innovative geniuses of modern jazz.


The widespread formula of Veneto Jazz for the great lives of the Venezia Jazz Festival - Fall Edition