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The spotlights of In_touch rest on a great character on the national scene, the actress Sonia Bergamasco, who has recently published, for La nave di Teseo, Il notebook, a book in which the word becomes nursery rhyme poetry, an observatory on people and things. Interviewed by journalist Sara Zanferrari, she will guide you to discover a rare and new language: a journey into inner life and memories, where we gradually find her as a child, a curious teenager, a woman who lives and experiences. In Sonia Bergamasco’s Notebook we discover a rare and new language, as if it were the structure of another world, where things emerge in flashes and objects are covered by their own abstractions. A bit like in everyone’s inner life. Readers, like the actors on stage, must accept the risk of feeling in front of unknown seas for which to set sail. Silver Ribbon for The Best of Youth by Marco Tullio Giordana, Flaiano Award for best interpreter in the film De Gasperi, Sonia Bergamasco has a diploma in piano and has worked with artists such as Giorgio Strehler, Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Battiato. We find her as a child and an adult, a curious teenager and a woman who lives and experiments, in a dimension that is always on the border. Free admission with reservations required.