4 November 2023
alle 17:00

On Saturday, November 4, a special evening enriches our Oceanic season before the temporary closure for the winter break.
As part of the Waves of Words: Poetic and Ecological Acts series, there’s an appointment (5pm – 6pm) with the Poetry Club where the curator, Barbara Casavecchia, and the co-director of TBA21, Markus Reymann, will lend their voices to the narrative by reading verses and writings from various Mediterranean shores written by female authors and poets.
Following this, the final iteration of the performance titled Lunar Ensemble for Uprising Seas in the form of a Concert for 7 sculptures and 7 musicians (6pm – 9pm), in which the silvery installation by Álvaro Urbano & Petrit Halilaj, composed of metamorphic creatures, will resonate once again when touched by the musicians, creating an evolving ecosystem, and evoking alternative queer futures that can be imagined together.
Remember that you have until Sunday, November 5, to be captivated by the ongoing exhibition Thus waves come in pairs, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11am to 6pm, with free admission.
Inside the space, a team of cultural mediators is always available to answer your questions, to satisfy your curiosity about the history of the Church of San Lorenzo, and guide you through the exhibition project.


THE BAG 2023

Simone Fattal, Petrit Halilaj & Álvaro Urbano


Journeying through the Mediterraneans of Ocean Space with Barbara Casavecchia