22 April 2023


24 February 2024

Four artists invited to reflect and make something beautiful on the concept of ego, sponsored by Fondation Valmont. Ego will open at Palazzo Bonvicini on April 22. Didier Guillon, president and art director at Fondation Valmont, once confided us that he sees Venice as “a magical place that has always been able to reinvent itself, and always will. It will attract art following this identity track in continuous motion”. This is the goal of his foundation, which he established in Venice in 2019. The foundation produces yearly art exhibitions that investigate a vision on modern art that looks at the future, like Ego, a mix of art and beauty from the point of view of men.Carles Valverde’s Composition of Two Modular Elements 2 builds upon the concept of ego as an individual philosophical reflection, an “egotistical element that builds their ego upon someone else’s”.Sculpture installation L’homme pensant is a composition of ten male figures whose face is writhing in scream: “the artist, used to recreate Beauty as primary goal, is now asked to represent its absence… these men scream, trapped in foreign bodies that they don’t feel their own”.Art duo Vangelis Kyris and Anatoli Georgiev consider the ego in both its positive and negative senses: at the origin of evolution and civilization and at the base of destruction, war, and whatever is dishonourable in humankind.

Esther Manon Van Ekeris talks about her concept-gallery THE 2212