“It’s time for us to come together again, to sit side by side on those red seats (inhabited once again by passionate hearts, not the inert greyness of cardboard silhouettes). To sit before that red curtain, which is ready to open, for the duration of a performance, on our collective experience – one which may be battered, yes, but still sharp, combative, and alert”. We have chosen these words by the directors of Biennale Teatro ricci/forte for our June issue, a month which is already shining with The Milk of Dreams’ many events and exhibitions around town. The 59th Art Biennale ‘invaded’ the city stimulating hundreds of “collateral reactions” spreading accross shows, meetings, talks and international events. And now the Biennale Teatro, edition nu. 50, is on its way too, led by Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte under the sign of the colour RED, or rather – let’s say it in German – ROT, since a harder sound is what is most needed now, “a scratch, a tear that speaks of effort; it’s the sound your teeth make as they struggle […] ROT doesn’t mean ‘stop’ but conscious action and dogged resistance; it’s the roaring flame of ethical struggle. ROT rebels against the superficial, the herd, every false idol and opportunism. ROT is the sick, agonising animal bursting with magnificence in its opposition to all this. ROT is you, your body – but you’d forgotten.” This is how we speak against the oblivion, with every vibrant fiber of our being, determined, ready to welcome new horizons, new worlds, other realities.



59. Biennale Arte – Il latte dei sogni | Leonora Carrington | I premi della 59. Biennale Arte | Louise Nevelson | Navin Rawanchaikul, The Description of the World [interview] | Lena Herzog, Lost Whispers [interview] | Not Only Biennale: The Human Safety Net | Art Night Venezia | Anselm Kiefer | Marlene Dumas | 7. Glasstress | Ocean Space | Personal Structures | Anish Kapoor | Penumbra – In Between Art Film | Danh Vo, Park Seo-Bo, Isamu Noguchi | ALLUVIUM | illy Monday Art Conversations | Ballet des Porcelaines | Lilli Muller | Galleries | Manifesta 14 | Art Basel 2022 | Documenta 15 | Biennale Gherdëina | MAST | Fondazione Prada | Donatello | Salvatore Sava


Cat Power | Rita Marcotulli | 14. Venezia Jazz Festival | Sherwood Festival | Cesare Cremonini | Bad Religion | Elisa | Jova Beach Party | Verona Jazz Festival | Lorde | Morgan | Beck | Peter Grimes | Musica con le Ali | Asolo Musica Auditorium Lo Squero | Carmina Burana | Omaggio a Ennio Morricone | Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico | Musikàmera


ROT – 50. Biennale Teatro, intervista a ricci/forte | Leoni: Christian Jatahy, Samira Elagoz | Intervista a Milo Rau | Olmo Missaglia | Aine E. Nakamura | Big Art Group | Belova/Iacobelli | Peeping Tom | Yana Ross | Deflorian/Tagliarini | Antoine Neufmars | College Autori | 74. Estate Teatrale Veronese | PPP/ Un segreto italiano


Elvis by Baz Luhrmann | Venezia 79 Leoni alla carriera: Catherine Deneuve e Paul Schrader | Biografilm | Atlantide | Ray Liotta | Supervisioni | Cinefacts: Vangelis


Osti in Orto | JW Marriott Venice | Forme del bere | Ciliegie | Gusto! Gli italiani a Tavola


Feels like Cecilia
Follow the Moon
Museums, cultural institutions, theaters, libraries, galleries. Free events throughout the city for an artistic non-stop event which has become a key appointment of the Venetian cultural summer. An art night organized by Ca’ Foscari together with the Municipality of Venice and accompanied by a digital map edited by Venezia News which will help you not to miss anything of this electric cultural marathon.
The strength of the drop

At Sexto ‘Nplugged the moon charm of Cat Power for one of the most anticipated live shows of a summer with strong musical hues. Cat is a perfect balance between punk and folk-country inspirations merging in a distillate of classic rock that celebrates the dark side of the soul and its devastating restlessness.

Inacceptable image
Benjamin Britten and his Peter Grimes: violent, individual, social, environmental and meteorological energies to make La Fenice vibrate. It focuses on the mysterious and inaccessible unconscious of a fisherman, the protagonist of a story where the plot pivots around intentions and unspoken words.
Without filter
The marginalized heroes of Paul Schrader and the immanent elegance of Catherine Deneuve. The Venice Film Festival celebrates two sacred monsters of international cinema awarding them with the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement 2022. Schrader, one of the biggest directors and screenwriters, and Deneuve, not only a famous actress but also an iconic activist, will be back to the Lido to be acclaimed by the whole cinema world.