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Pausa di riflessione
Renaissance sculpture conquers Ca’ d'Oro
di Franca Lugato
Sixty pieces compose an itinerary on plastic art in the Republic of Venice, from the early Renaissance to late Mannerism.
The Sharing Culture that changed the face of the city of Perama
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Solo exhibition

Richard Orlinski presents twelve monumental sculptures that sublimate realityto create living pieces of art, beautiful and time...

da 21 April 2022
a 27 November 2022

A Colombian artist, Murillo participated in the 2015 Biennale and was awarded the Turner Prize in 2019. He offers a large, inte...

da 17 September 2022
a 27 November 2022

Ivan Pantelić & Bernd Rohrauer from the Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education, University of Applied...

Saturday, 11 June 2022
alle 10:00

Markus Lüpertz was born in 1941 in Reichenberg in Germany. His prolific output draws on a multitude of references to history,...

da 20 April 2022
a 7 August 2022

The Galleria at Palazzo Cini open with an amazing selection of about forty pieces by a maestro of conceptual art, Jospeh Beuys,...

da 20 April 2022
a 2 October 2022
The comedy is over

The Belgian artist, a peculiar figure in the modern art world for his classical education and his training as a psychoanalyst, ...

da 23 April 2022
a 25 September 2022