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Emma Ursich, Segretario Generale Fondazione The Human Safety Net(1)
Meeting with Emma Ursich, Executive Officer of The Human Safety Net Foundation
di Mariachiara Marzari

The Human Safety Net is a global initiative of people helping people, active in 24 countries together with 62+ NGOs. Their mission is to free the potential of those who live in vulnerable conditions. Emma Ursich spoke to us about Generali’s latest challenges.

Signs and motions
30 years of Fondazione di Venezia, a book and an exhibition on the city's graffiti
The routes of hemp
From Tana to the Corderie dell’Arsenale, Venice at the center of the trade routes that have made history
Silent witness
M9 – The museum of the 1900s. Italian history as seen by trees


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Friday, 11 November 2022
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The graffiti of Venice is the title of the photographic exhibition that the Venice Foundation offers in its Rio Novo h...

da 23 June 2022
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