Interview with Stefano Nicolao, costume historian and great signature of the Carnival
di Fabio Marzari

There is a place in Venice where it is possible to travel through time: Stefano Nicolao accompanies us in his historic atelier, in search of the very roots of Carnival, the city festival par excellence.

Carnival City
Sweets, masks and parades, all the colors of the 2023 edition
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Venice Carnival 2023

The Opening Parade will stage all the symbols of the carnival tradition, thanks to artists, colours, plays of light and music b...

Saturday, 4 February 2023
alle 20:00
Venice Carnival 2023

When night descends upon the city, the Arsenale will be the hub of the party. The Tese San Cristoforo, at Arsenale, will be whe...

da 11 February 2023
a 21 February 2023
Venice Carnival 2023

Legend has it that some time back in the tenth century, twelve Venetian brides-to-be were kidnapped by pirates. A few hours lat...

Tuesday, 21 February 2023
alle 20:00