Follow the Moon

Art Night 11 in the starting blocks!
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The 11th edition of the Venice Art Night is a glimpse of blue flashing through the city that will start from Ca’ Foscari University and will dash through alleys and plazas, museums and galleries, palaces and bookshops… all around Venice, Mestre, and Murano.

For quite some time now an integral part of the European Art Nights, and one of the most anticipated, Venice Art Night is a creation of the local university, Ca’ Foscari, in cooperation with the City of Venice. 115 operators will participate to offer cultural experiences, guided tours, workshops, shows, concerts, and amazing events for a great, hot art night.

The date is June 18, starting at 6pm, where it all began: the main courtyard at Ca’ Foscari to claim your gadgets and hear a word from the institutions before you set off, follow the moon, and explore the city. Following are the special events produced by Ca’ Foscari – for all the others, check out our map!


Free entrance
Opening: 6pm
At 6pm, start your Art Night where it all began – the main courtyard at Ca’ Foscari University to claim your gadgets and hear a word from the institutions before you set off, follow the moon, and explore the city.
All night long, guided tours will be provided by CFTour. Guests will also be accompanied by students to visit one of the most important and beautiful locations under the University’s purview: Ca’ Dolfin, as well as the beautiful halls at Ca’ Foscari facing the Grand Canal.


Opening 6:30pm

Art night invites the youngest visitors to discover Venice, its secrets, its stories, its connections to the rest of the world in an art&language game. Venice will be discovered by means of images and words in an Italian and Ukrainian mix.
A game, though also a moment to meet and share pieces of different cultures.
Educational lab Ca’rte Lab (for children aged 6 to 11, booking required:
First (ground) floor, Spazi Espositivi


Free entrance
Opening 10:30/11.30pm
Lena Herzog is a multi-disciplinary American conceptual artist and photographer. She presents Last Whispers, an experiential project dedicated to the mass extinction of languages. Herzog will present a site-specific mural installation, Last Whispers still frames, in the main courtyard at Ca’ Foscari. The installation is a collection of still frames from the video project and is a memorial of extinct languages, and of those that will soon face the same destiny.


Free entrance
Opening: 8.30pm
Attracted by the blue light of Art Night, the Italian Pavilion at the 59th Art Biennale, Storia della Notte e destino delle Comete, produced a site-specific installation that is part of the Pavilion’s exhibition programme, curated by Eugenio Viola. Sole artist is Gian Maria Tosatti.
Three characters fracture air with sinuous, rhythmic gestures. They are wide-hipped and their face is concealed by a large black spot. Their human silhouettes mix and create a new organism where nature and humanity fight and coexist in harmony. Urlante ruggente stridente (lit. screaming, roaring, screeching) has been inspired by wind, storm, gale, and by the forces of nature that shatter man and earth.
Choreography has been curated by the Dewey Dell Company, founded in 2006 by Teodora, Agata, and Demetrio Castellucci and Eugenio Resta.


Opening: 8.30pm
Art Night doubles down on Sunday, June 19 with an original event: Le petit déjeuner en blu – Mix Prints&Stripes, in cooperation with Malìparmi. The appointment is at Parco delle Rimembranze in Sant’Elena at 9:30, when artist Freak of Nature will perform at a site-specific art installation. The artist is also a green policy activist whose mission is to report instances of abandonment using art, an authentic social megaphone.
Following the performance, Verde e Blu is a children’s workshop (ages 5 to 11) that will start at 10:30am.
Booking required:



Art Night Venezia
Saturday, 18 June 2022