Reflections on modernity

European Cultural Centre, a heterogeneous and powerful project
by Redazione VeNews

Spread across three different locations – Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini della Marinaressa – Personal Structures 2022, a project by the European Cultural Centre parallel to the 59th Venice Art Biennale, revolves around the theme reflections and presents the works of 192 artists from 51 different countries.

The sixth edition of the biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures, produced by the European Cultural Centre, revolves around the idea of reflections [re.flec.- tion | ri-’flek-shən], showing its dual meaning of visible episode perceived by the eyes and mental phenomenon of thinking and pondering with the mind. A group of internationally renowned and emerging artists, photographers, sculptors, and academic institutions portray their views on the main theme of the exhibition, turning Personal Structures into a heterogeneous and stimulating show that encourages a dialogue on current developments, ideas, and thoughts in the contemporary art field within the context of Time Space Existence.

Palazzo Mora also hosts a Collateral Event of the 59. International Art Exhibition, From Palestine With Art, curated by Nancy Nesvet (Palestine Museum): 19 artists describe how the contemporary artistic language is structured in Palestine, including paintings, installations, sculptures and photographs. Nine portraits of prominent Palestinian figures in art and literature; a historical map of Palestine on the floor; an olive tree with the keys to the houses of Palestinian refugees claiming the right to return to the country; an audio installation with the recording of Palestinian stories, accompanied by traditional music: 19 artists, living at home or abroad, tell the contemporary artistic language in Palestine through their paintings, installations, sculptures and photographs.

Immagine: Ariela Wertheimer, Homelandscape (Palazzo Mora) – Reflections-Personal Structures 2022. Ph: Federico Vespignani

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