Cheerful spirits

Cocktail Week returns to Venice, increasingly widespread
by Fabio Marzari

A Venetian map of “good drinking,” among the city’s (many) cocktail bars.

A new appointment with the Venice Cocktail Week, now at its third edition, and due in town on October 23 to 29. What is great about the event is that the beautiful places we will visit to savour the latest mixes and concoctions won’t be gone after the event. They will be open to the public year-round, and they are not few, either. There are many cocktail bars in Venice, a microcosm of creativity and sociality.

Paola Mencarelli, the force behind the Venice Cocktail Week, chose late October to avoid concurrence with other major events in town, and invited the hospitality industry to come together and show their talents not in a competition – which doesn’t pair well with the idea of sharing and community-building – but in an interesting programme of 31×3 cocktails: three cocktails – one signature, one all-Italian, and one fresh and light for a midday aperitivo – by each of the thirty-one bars participating. Check lists and calendars on the event’s website.