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The elegance of stars

The executive chef Riccardo Canella arrives at Cipriani
di Fabio Marzari
Chef Riccardo Canella Belmond Cipriani Venezia

The Cipriani is ready for a new season with Riccardo Canella directing the hotel’s entire food department, as well as the kitchen of the Michelin-starred restaurant Oro, which will reopen in May to allow the executive chef to fine-tune every detail and get off to a flying start, as always at Belmond Cipriani.

I wonder what would happen if we could travel back in time to the 1950s to see what was going around in Venice – at the time, a living city that allowed people like Giuseppe Cipriani (Arrigo’s father) to open a beautiful hotel that is only a few minutes from St. Mark’s Square and yet somewhat secluded, removed from crowds. The location I’m talking about is on the eastern tip of the Giudecca Island and the hotel is the Cipriani, opened in 1958. Since its inception, the Cipriani has always been synonymous with excellent hospitality, a wonderful corner of a charming little corner of the universe. ‘Luxury’ doesn’t quite fit the bill – ‘Cipriani’ says it all.

Food catering is, of course, at the highest level as well. Executive chef Riccardo Canella oversees the operations and, for the 2022 season, we are looking forward to exciting new offers, both for hotel guests and outsiders looking to spend a couple hours in a parallel world. Especially in difficult moments, a dip into a world of beauty will help us clear our minds and work for much better days ahead.
Cip’s – the restaurant at Cipriani – opened its St. Mark’s-facing terrace and its kitchen, a landmark for fine Venetian cuisine. A privileged, unique location to embrace local wonders, of both the seeing and tasting varieties, with the style Cipriani patrons know and love: informal and stylish at once. This year additions include the Porticciolo – an open-air restaurant beside the pool area offering, among other things, raw fish fare and great Champagne, a welcoming oyster bar, a dolce vita air for socializing, and a convenient dock nearby. Caffè San Giorgio is right where the shuttle to St. mark’s lands; it is open all day and offers fresh Italian-style sweets. Oro Restaurant, boasting one Michelin star, will open in May as chef Canella irons out the last few details. Canella was born in Padova in 1985 and worked, among others, at Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen, which tops all international rankings.

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