A bite of hospitality

The 750th anniversary of Ca' di Dio: past and present merge into history
by Fabio Marzari

Ca’ di Dio: a 750-year Venetian history to be celebrated with a specially designed menu and cocktails.

It is quite impressive to know that the building in front of you, seemingly in great shape and quite modern, is over seven hundred years old. The building in question is Ca’ di Dio, literally God’s House, originally established as a pilgrim house for those travelling to the Holy Land, later a hospice for unmarried women. The doors at Ca’ di Dio never quite close, though today, they welcome luxury travellers, with the palace having been recently converted into a high-end hotel.

Architect and designer Patricia Urquiola has been tasked with the operation, and her designs respect the peculiar history of the establishment in their continual references to Venetian imagery in transparencies and gradients, a game of liquid, incessant motion, much like water lining the House on its side. Ca’ di Dio has three courtyards within – three oases of peace and tranquillity. The term Venessentia has been coined to signify the trademark hospitality that Ca’ di Dio will offer their guests as they discover the uniqueness of the city. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the Hotel created an ad-hoc menu and a signature cocktail. Respectus means respect for tradition, produce, scents and flavours, and brings the essence of culinary art into an array of preparations – each carrying forward a story. Anfora is the cocktail that will take you back to the 1200s thanks to its charming notes of pomegranate, cinnamon, and clove.