Out of Stage

66. International Festival of Contemporary Music
by Redazione VeNews

The second edition of the Music Biennale directed by Lucia Ronchetti explores the panorama of experimental musical theater.

After her debut as manager of the Biennale’s music section last year, Lucia Ronchetti will focus on musical theatre. Out of Stage is a work on the inherent theatricality of concerts that is made possible by new technology and by innovating on given traditions. Ronchetti follows the tried-and-true MO of a ‘call to arms’ of creative personalities coming from all over the world. Instrumental gesture, musical execution, and a schedule integrated and enriched by the Biennale College-Musica programme. The 2022 Golden Lion and Silver Lion awards will be given to Giorgio Bastelli and the drum ensemble Ars Ludi, respectively.

66. Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea
from 14 September 2022
to 25 September 2022

Giorgio Battistelli's career celebrated by the Golden Lion

Silver Lion for the Ars Ludi percussion ensemble