Republic of
Dixit Algorizmi: Garden of Knowledge
Gayane Umerova, Art and Culture Development Foundation
Studio Space Caviar (Joseph Grima, Camilo Oliveira), Sheida Gomashchi
Charlie Tapp/Abror Zufarov, CCA Lab

Al-Khwarizmi, the father of algebra, was born in Khiva, in present-day Uzbekistan. The word ‘algorithm’ comes from the Latin transliteration of his name and is the theme of the Pavilion. An indoor installation reinterprets the thousand-year-old tradition of Persian and Babylonian gardens and references the place where al-Khwarizmi developed most of his important studies: the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. Complementing the project is a musical accompaniment by Uzbek musician Abror Zufarov and artist Charli Tapp, as well as a programme of workshops and public events with artists, scholars, authors, and performers.