Official screening

  • monday, 5 september 2022
Sala Casinò
by Cyril Leuthy
with Macha Meril, Thierry Jousse, Alain Bergala, Marina Vlady, Romain Goupil, David Faroult, Julie Delpy, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Gerard Martin, Nathalie Baye, Hanna Schygulla, Dominique Paini

(2022, France, 100')

An experimenter, innovator, and all-around rebel of cinema, Godard is not merely the champion of Nouvelle Vague, he is a creator of spontaneous, unbridled cinema thanks to a critical process of deconstructive construction (and vice versa). Given his visceral complexity, it is worth mentioning Leuthy’s brave attempt to talk about Godard in unusual fashion, transcending his aura of legend – often brushing the ridiculous – and focuses on his more reserved, ‘human’ side. In this docufilm, Godard’s intimacy, never completely detached from his professional life, is displayed in the testimony of those who were close to him. Undying professional glory, and the history of Jean-Luc Godard, the man.