Official screening

  • friday, 1 september 2023
Sala Laguna
by Vittorio Moroni
with Elena Gigliotti, Alessandro Averone, Anna Ferruzzo, Anna Bellato, Eleonora De Luca, Marta Caracciolo, Carola Stagnaro

(2023, Italy, 118')

Carmen is a woman of ancestral strength: she is over the top, intrusive, often wrong, maybe dangerous. Since she was a child, she learned how to lie, manipulate, and seduce, which she did not to lose her daughter and Massimo, the man she claims she loves. The two split, but Carmen keeps thinking he is the love of her life. She loves Giada, their daughter, who now lives with her father. Carmen can only see her once every two weeks, and she doesn’t like it. She knows she made mistakes, but she also knows she’s a good mother and won’t let what happened to her as a child happen again. If the world is set out to destroy her, she is ready to take action.


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