Official screening

  • wednesday, 31 August 2022
Sala Darsena
by Roberto De Paolis
with Glory Kevin, Lino Musella, Sandra Osagie, Salvatore Striano, Maurizio Lombardi

(2022, Italy, 110')

Princess is a young Nigerian woman and an undocumented immigrant to Italy. She works the streets. Like a legendary Amazon, she travels to a sort of enchanted forest, a large pinewood extending as far as the sea and a place of solace, as well as sustenance. It is there that she meets her johns. One day, after a fight with her fellow women, Princess meets a man who looks willing to help her, but she’ll soon find out that the only person she can rely on is herself.

Roberto De Paolis

Roberto De Paolis was born in Rome in 1980. He is a photographer, director, and producer. He studied film at the London International Film School. De Paolis has been in Venice (in the Controcampo Italiano programme) with Bassa Marea (2010) and Alice (2011). His debut feature film Pure Hearts (2017) had been shortlisted at Cannes and Berlin. In 2013, he founded production company Young Film with Carla Altieri.


Amelio, Crialese, Virzì, Nicchiarelli, De Paolis, Mezzapesa

Roberto De Paolis presents his 'Princess'