Official screening

  • sunday, 4 september 2022
Sala Giardino
Zapatos Rojos
by Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser
with Eustacio Ascacio, Natalia Solián, Phanie Molina, Miguel Ángel Valencia

(2022, Mexico, Italy, 82')

Artemio, a peasant from northern Mexico’s hill country, feels like he has lost everything. He sets off to the city to look for truth about his daughter and for spiritual redemption. Artemio hasn’t seen his daughter for a long time, and doesn’t know she is now an activist protesting violence against women.

Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser

Mexican director, screenwriter, and journalist, Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser studied film in Madrid. Zapatos Rojos (lit. ‘Red Shoes’), his debut film, is a reflection on the similarities and differences between urban and rural Mexico. On top of that, a story of inter-generational conflict between father and son, a theme that the director holds dear.