Official screening

  • friday, 2 september 2022
Sala Darsena
La Syndicaliste
by Jean-Paul Salomé
with Isabelle Huppert, Grégory Gadebois, Marina Foïs, Yvan Attal, François-Xavier Demaison, Pierre Deladonchamps

(2022, France, Germany, 122')

Written by Fadette Drouard and Jean-Paul Salomé as an adaptation of Caroline Michel-Aguirre’s book La Syndacaliste, the film tells the real story of Maureen Kearney, who in 2012, became an informer about classified information that threatened the French nuclear industry. One day, the woman is found bound and tortured in her home, the letter A carved in her stomach. Shocked and traumatized, she remembers nothing of her assailant. Detective are puzzled, and begin to suspect Maureen…

Jean-Paul Salomé

A French director and screenwriter, Jean-Paul Salomé (1960) initially worked on short movies, to later switch to TV films and feature films, including Girls with Guns (1994), Restons groupés (1998), Belphegor: Phantom of the Louvre (2001), Adventures of Arsene Lupin (2004), The Chameleon (2010), Playing Dead (2013), and Mama Weed (2020).