Official screening

  • tuesday, 6 september 2022
Sala Darsena
by Michal Blaško
with Vita Smachelyuk, Gleb Kuchuk, Igor Chmela, Viktor Zavadil, Inna Zhulina, Alena Mihulová

(2022, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, 91')

Irina is a Ukrainian single mother who moved to a small town in Czechia. One night, his son Igor is admitted to the hospital after a fight, allegedly with Romani youths. Irina campaigns for justice, contacts the press, and gains local support. When the official investigation begins, though, doubt is cast on the incidents and the solidarity to Igor, as well as his version of the events, is put into question.

Michal Blaško

Slovakian film director and screenwriter, Michal Blaško was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 1989, where he studied film. His debut was in 2003 with his award-winning short movie Atlantis. Blaško’s work had been recognized at major film festivals. In 2019, his Victim had been picked for the Atelier at the Cannes Film Festival and received the Works in Progress TRT Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2021.