1908, Anglès, Spain
1963, Mexico City, Mexico

Affectionately called ‘the magician’ by André Breton, Remedios Varo died at only 55, leaving a bequest of feminist energy. Her visual strength derives from the relationship between human and animal world, between dream and magic, and reason and fantasy. The vast gamut of hermetic, mystic symbols in her art make up what seems an initiation journey, “as if she painted with her eyes, not with her hands” (Octavio Paz). Populated with androgynous figures, her art seems to play both sides – the artist hides behind her characters as much as the characters hide behind her.


  • Remedios Varo, documentary (25’), Jomí García Ascot, 1967
  • The Juggler (The Magician), MoMA, New York, USA, 1956
  • Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse), collage/papel, with Esteban Francés, Oscar Domínguez, SFMoMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA, 1935
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