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1885, Odessa, Russian Empire (present-day Ukraine)
1979, Paris, France

Paris, early 1900s. Together with Robert, her partner in art and life, she founded the art movement that her poet friend Guillaume Apollinaire called Orphism. Since that moment, Delaunay tried several ways at abstraction, sublimating the lyricism of geometrical forms and colours in vibrant, dynamic breakdowns of clear Cubist influence. After World War I, she began designing clothing and revolutionised the concept of womenswear, transposing colour and shape of aniconic motifs of paintings onto fabrics and accessories, linen, and décor, with the goal of imposing aesthetical values in everyday life.


  • Sonia Delaunay, Museum for Kunst / National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, 2022
  • Rhythm and Colour, Bastian Gallery, London, UK, 2021
  • Les couleurs de l’abstraction, MAM, Paris, France, 2015


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