Tra le onde

by Mariachiara Marzari
  • friday, 9 september 2022


Isola Edipo and the Venice Days programme present Quel che resta (lit. ‘What remains’), an ambitious co-production of Giffoni Innovation Hub sponsored by CONAI (the Italian national consortium for plastic recycling), written by Manlio Castagna and directed by Domenico Onorato. The short movie depicts a dystopian world where social differences determine choices in costumes and scenography. The subject is food: reusing food generates wealth and conviviality, cancels out differences, and is the metaphor of a way to protect Earth via recycling. The short accompanied all screenings in the Notti Veneziane schedule. Director Domenico Onorato, actor Andy Luotto, screenwriter Manlio Castagna, CONAI president Luca Ruini, and Giffoni Innovation Hub general manager Luca Ruju will be present at the screening.

9 September, Sala Laguna h.7pm


An official collateral award at the Venice Film Festival dedicated to documentaries that depict, promote, and protect inclusivity in the workplace, in education, or in their communities. Silvia Jop, the managing director of Premio Inclusione Edipo Re, selected three jurors of very diverse background: author Elena Stancanelli, actor Filippo Timi, singer Chiara Civello. Jop maintains that picking a diverse jury panel is essential to adequately reflect the festival’s commitment to offer different points of view and different stories, especially for subject-matter of critical urgency. The award will be given on September 9. The event will be followed by the screening of Quel che resta.

9 September, Sala Laguna h. 8pm


As the Venice Film Festival comes to an end, Isola Edipo celebrates their 2022 edition with a new and original project: Far Away, the story of a new adventure in music recording with Warner Music Italy that saw award-winning composer and sax player Emanuele Cisi record his latest album aboard a sailboat. Sailing with Cisi and filmmaker Filippo Timi were also three excellent musicians: guitarist Eleonora Strino, bassist Marco Micheli, and drummer Enzo Zirilli. The sound of waves accompanies Cisi’s jazz and poetry written and recited by Timi. The leitmotiv of the project is distance, in all its meaning: physical distance in human relationships, spiritual isolation, and escape from realilty.

10 September, Isola Edipo h. 11.30pm


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