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Marco Gisotti and Carlo Giupponi on 'green' cinema.
by Redazione VeNews
  • wednesday, 6 september 2023

Journalist and film critic Paolo Micalizzi will moderate a debate featuring Marco Gisotti and Carlo Giupponi on Cinema & Environment. The two discussants will expand on the themes treated in their books to investigate how cinema and culture in general see and work on the climate crisis. Marco Gisotti is a top Italian experts on green economy and environmental communication as well as the author of L’ecologia al cinema dai Fratelli Lumière alla Marvel. He is also the art director and creator of the Green Drop Award, a collateral award assigned on occasion of the Venice Film Festival. Carlo Giupponi is a tenured professor of Environmental Economics at the local Ca’ Foscari University. He wrote Venezia e I cambiamenti climatici.
The protagonists of the meeting are the beautiful films and the great filmmakers that since the inception of motion picture to today showed or evoked the ecological crisis and its possible (or impossible) solutions. Our attention, however, should be devoted to the environmental impact of filmmaking, from production to the building of energy-efficient theatres. This applies to festivals, too, like the Venice Film Festival, and to Venice – the city, whose future will be greatly conditioned by global change.

Ambiente e Cinema a Venezia
Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, Sala Tropicana, Hotel Excelsior h. 16 |


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