Dance of Light – Opening Event

2 September 2022
alle 17:00

Artist Kaz Shirane presents Dance of Light at Marinaressa Gardens, a 1.8m cubic metal block, covered with a myriad of small reflective stainless steel plates which aims to be eternally in transformation through the intervention of external elements, sea breeze, sunlight and the magical power of mirrors. The thin plates on the surface of the installation sway in the wind, while the reflection of the sunlight and the surrounding landscape in the plates create distortions, light and shadow effects. It is as if the light is dancing.
The installation is inspired by pixel art, but is in fact composed of analog mechanisms and structures. Despite the simplicity of the mechanism, the artwork is an ever-evolving, interactive magical show, enabled by the complex interrelationship between the surrounding natural elements that are also a part of the work.
Through this artwork, Kaz Shirane wants to present a new vision in which the artist does not control and decide everything, but completes the work in dialogue with nature.

The presentation will conclude with a toast to celebrate the opening of Dance of Light (to join the opening please, RSVP to press@ecc-italy.eu).


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