OCEAN / UNI Studies in Blue Agency

Wednesday, 16 November 2022
alle 18:00

Studies in Blue Agency – the fifth cycle of OCEAN / UNI, unfolding through the Fall of 2022 – departs from a number of case studies that embody vulnerable aspects of the times we live in, expanding them on a wider scale and identifying possible strategies to counter dreadful trends or adapt to the changing climate. Do humans have the possibility to regenerate what they have damaged? Can they adapt their growth rhythms to those of the planet? Can they take elements that were lost to reconsider their steps?

The six sessions will offer new perspectives on the many complexities of the Ocean and our changing climate, with speakers of all disciplines presenting regional case studies and global critiques around mindful approaches to conservation, adaptation, and development. From here, perhaps, new knowledge and reflections on what brought humans on the verge of ecological collapse can arise, uniting our efforts in the global struggle to get to a new paradigm for a future in which life persists.

Fourth session
With Dr. Patricia Esquete, Deep Sea Biologist, University of Aveiro, Portugal; Clement Yow Mulalap, Legal Advisor to Federated States of Micronesia and International Environmental Lawyer, Blue Ocean Law.

*Lectures will be held in English, and good listening and speaking level are recommended to ensure a meaningful learning exchange and experience.

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