22 July 2022
alle 20:00

“I have changed the classically renowned story of Petrushka to express human agony and despair – inseparable from skin and flesh – in form of doll. It is a darker and ironic turn, but I also wish to focus on where the beauty lies. As to where the desired beauty is, it is not visibl  e. Maybe it is a sense simila to pain, something we feel not with our eyes, but
behind them. Maybe it is projected on the opposite  side of irony. We feel beauty when all phenomena, matter, and living things are projected onto our ‘eyes of despair’, showing us beauty beyond our usual understanding through their mysterious motions. I  believe that ‘despair’ is what gives us strength. It lies  at the source of our desired joy, rising from disappointment. Irony, a form of intelligence, craves art. There exists the body freed from discomfort. The re-structured music will make your sense of balance even more nstable, and help you see what you have
not seen before”


McGregor presents his second Biennale Danza

The 2022 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Dance will be awarded to Saburo Teshigawara