18 November 2023


4 December 2023

An all-Japanese grace envelops the foyer of La Fenice as we await the opening of the new opera season with Jacques Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hof mann. Three precious works by the artist Kimiko Yoshida are on display: two kakejiku paintings with pure gold decorations – ‘The Tale of Genji (Phoenix L) XLV’ and ‘The Tale of Genji (Japanese L) LXXI’ – and for the first time on public display the bronze sculpture La petite danseuse, conceived and created by the artist with an explicit reference to the Degas dancers of the Musée d’Orsay, but naturally with the face of Kimiko Yoshida. The Degas Committee, to which it was submitted for approval, welcomed the work, praising the excellence of the work along with the artist’s intentions, which in no way undermine the integrity of the Maestro. The exhibition at the Teatro La Fenice, which can be visited until 4 December next, represents a concrete homage by Kimiko Yoshida to her beloved Venice, a city where she permanently spends several months of the year. What strikes and captivates those who find themselves admiring her refined works is her ability to use ancient Japanese techniques, reinterpreting them, and placing female identity at the centre of her works, which is embodied in large self-portraits.
| by Fabio Marzari