The City of Joy

An ice cream, a symbol of Venice and culinary tradition
di Fabio Marzari

In summer in the city, it is the sweetest remedy for escaping the hot weather and crowds.

This long, scorching hot summer seems to know no compassion for us earth-dwellers. A way to find some solace amid the highest temperatures of the year? Gelato, it goes without saying. Crowds of fatigued tourists zombie-walking about ice cream parlours, cone in hand like a trophy midway between hope and consolation, are a common sight in Venice. We shall list a few pointers for good-quality ice, of the artisanal kind, to be found in town. The place of honour goes to a Venetian institution, Nico’s ice cream shop at Zattere. Whether in a cone or a cup, gelato always gives that illusion of refrigeration – and sometimes illusions are all it takes.

Ice cream in Venice? Nico's gianduiotto