The scent of memories

Antoine Neufmars presents "Odorama"
by Chiara Sciascia

Winner of the Biennale Teatro College call for site-specific performances, Antoine Neufmars, from 26 June to 3 July, every evening at 6 pm, brings his Odorama to Campo Sant’Agnese, an autobiographical story, a reflection on the death of collective identity that the loss of smell generates in this pandemic.

Antoine Neufmar studied Manda- rin in Paris to work as a reporter in China, but it was his encounter with Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski (Golden Lion for Theatre 2021) which marked the beginning of his stage career.
In 2022, with an excerpt from his Odorama, he won the Teatro College – performance site-specific competition and presented his work at 50th Festival. Neufmars’ performance is based on the loss of the sense of smell and is inspired by an autobiographical episode: anosmia, or the loss of the sense of smell caused by Covid-19.
The artist investigates on the identifying value of memory through the perception of the reference smell. What would our identity be without memories? The artist tries to find an answer to this essential question through Odorama: the scent of a son, of a partner, the skin of a beloved; if a sponge wiped out these traces, how could we resurface?

50th Theater Festival of La Biennale di Venezia

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