Slow and steady

Together With Venice, Aperol stands by the city and the Venetians
by Fabio Marzari

With its Together With Venice programme, Aperol celebrates and supports the city of Venice and its traditions. Among the initiatives is the restoration of a sanpierota that will be used for Venetian rowing courses for citizens.

Aperol is a bitters concoction first brewed in the Venetia in 1919. The most common addition to the ubiquitous Venetian Spritz, it is now a true landmark of the city, and it is enjoyed far beyond the canonical aperitivo hour. The makers of Aperol celebrate this familiarity by sponsoring Together with Venice to support local traditions. A part of the programme is helping younger Venetian learn rowing (Venetian style – facing forwards) and restore a typical Venetian boat, a sanpierota, all for the safeguard of slow, sustainable, local lifestyle. Thanks to skilled shipwrights, the sanpierota will be the ‘training ship’ for a young generation of rowers, much like it has helped train younger shipwrights and apprentice craftsmen in the delicate art of conservative restoration in the months prior. 100 classes of Venetian rowing will be entirely paid for by Aperol, an applaudable initiative that will help us rediscover the traditions of our beloved city.