Brand new Goldoni!

The 400-year-old theatre reopens its doors to the public after restoration
by Chiara Sciascia

With a special evening on September 30th, the curtain rises on the renewed Teatro Goldoni for a new extraordinary season.

The Teatro Goldoni reopens to the public on Saturday, September 30th, continuing the celebrations for its 400 years with a grand evening that will feature special guests to evoke, through words and music, performances and artists who have brought their talent to life on the stage of the world’s oldest theater.

Effetto Venezia is the title of the event curated by Fabrizio Arcuri, which previews the new season in the company of Giuseppe Battiston, Sonia Bergamasco, Roberto Citran, Isabella Ferrari, Lorenzo Letizia, Filippo Nigro, Claudio Santamaria, and Teho Teardo. But it’s not just about Venice and not just about theater: the festive spirit also extends to the mainland with two children’s events at M9 – Museo del Novecento in Mestre, while at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, there will be a presentation of Matteo Strukul’s new novel dedicated to the great playwright and the theater that bears his name. It’s a truly special reopening that will see the audience return to a renewed theater after the refurbishment work that has taken place during part of the 2023 season.

Teatro Goldoni © Serena Pea

This operation actually began in 2020 with preparatory work and has now concluded with the necessary interventions to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate. This included restoration and maintenance work on the real estate, upgrading the electrical systems (the original system dated back to 1979 and had undergone various maintenance and adaptations over time, but without a comprehensive coordination plan), as well as environmental reclamation and protection measures. The total investment for these efforts exceeded one million euros, provided by the Municipality of Venice.

The extensive maintenance also extended to the auditorium, which now has a fresh look. This involved replacing the carpeting and the old “Goldoni-style” seats. The new audience seats, while retaining the classic red-orange color and shape, feature a modern design, are made from more durable materials, and provide a more comfortable and ergonomic structure. Additionally, a resting area for four wheelchairs has been created to make Teatro Goldoni more accessible to all spectators. The project is completed with a new audio system that integrates with the existing one, positioned and seamlessly integrated into the theater’s structures in line with international standards.

Everything is ready for a new extraordinary Season!