The infinite within us

Modern physics and ancient mysticism
by Chiara Sciascia

Humanhood by Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés presents to the audience of the 16th. Biennale Danza the first ‘Dance Theatre Meditation’, an experience somewhere between performance and mystical journey, in search of self-awareness.

British company Humanhood work on an interesting combination of dance, science, and spirituality. Aiming at excellence in art, founders Júlia Robert Parés and Rudi Cole developed a somatic, evanescent choreographic language and unique, streamlined motions that show sublime spiritual sensitivity. The research the company works on is based on ancient mysticism and modern physics, which translates in the many shapes and modes that these apparently distant worlds can come together to shape human experience. Júlia and Rudi worked on meditation, energy canalization, yoga, phytotherapy, and personal development with the goal of elevating human consciousness. Humanhood will present ∞ {Infinite} at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale on July 28 and 29.


Dal 28 July 2022
Al 29 July 2022

McGregor presents his second Biennale Danza