Angela Su Arise Hong Kong in Venice
Arise, Hong Kong in Venice
M+, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Known for her Gothic biomorphic drawings, hair embroidery, and mockumentaries, Angela Su’s monograph is presented
by M+ and curated by Freya Chou. Inspired by levitation, a metaphor that is present in all her work, the artist dons a fictitious persona to explore the limitless cultural and political potential of being able to float mid-air. The focus of the exhibition, The Magnificent Levitation Act of Lauren O, is a mockumentary about a woman who believes she is able to levitate and her involvement with a pacifist movement called Laden Raven. A mix of truth and fiction, Su’s world is hybrid, alternative, a Milk of Dreams where one can explore ideas and experiences that would be otherwise impossible.