ESTONIA2_Bita Razavi. Sketch for Wardian Cases, 2022, conceptualized display cases for Orchidelirium. An Appetite for Abundance. Courtesy of the artist
(The Netherlands Pavilion)
An Appetite for Abundance
Maria Arusoo, Estonian Center for Contemporary Art
Corina L. Apostol
Kristina Norman, Bita Ravazi

Since the Dutch project has been temporarily entrusted to artist Melanie Bonajo at the Chiesetta della Misericordia in Cannaregio, the Mondrian Fund has chosen Estonia for the now-free spaces at the Rietveld Pavilion at Giardini. Taking inspiration from watercolours of tropical vegetation painted by the late artist and explorer Emily Rosaly Saal during her travels to the East Indies, the two Estonian artists – Kristina Norman (1979) and Bita Razavi (1983) – present a floral, multiform vision of colonial history and its issues.