A Bridge to the Desert
Marcellinus Swartbooi, Senior Art Education Officer of the Directorate of Arts: Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture
Marco Furio Ferrario

Several years ago, in the Namib desert – the world’s oldest – statues made of rocks and rebar showed up. They were crude outlines of nameless human figures, only identified by some wording and a number. In the same way, the authors of the Namibian project hid behind a pseudonym, RENN, and refuse to submit to an identity. They blend with the surrounding environment as part of a single art creations as these sculptures become an interpretation key to reflect on the relationship between art and the place it is located as well as between art and viewer, since the sculptures can only be seen in person by adventuring into the hostile lands of the Himba tribes, one of the last population in the world that lives in pre-technological fashion.