Official screening

  • thursday, 1 september 2022
Sala Giardino
by Tahmina Rafaella
with Tahmina Rafaella, Melek Abbaszadeh, Zaur Shafiyev, Jafar Hasan, Kabira Hashimli, Emin Asgarov

(2022, Azerbaigian, Italy, France, Iran, 90')

Already an actress and screenwriter in the short Guilt and the dramatic Icheri Sheher (Inner City), both from 2016, Tahmina Rafaella’s long awaited directing debut comes with 2020 Qadin (A Woman). After two years she arrives at Lido with a new succes, Banu (2022), that once again depicts the struggle and the insults that characterise the feminine universe of the protagonist. She’s fighting for the custody of her child Ruslan in an exhausting family situation, and the painful social reality of the second Nagorno-Karabakh War doesn’t make things easier. This is Banu’s story and the story of a family that lives the same dysfunctional events that are sadly typical of our society.