Official screening

  • tuesday, 6 september 2022
Sala Giardino
Kõne Taevast
by Kim Ki-duk
with Zhanel Sergazina, Abylai Maratov

(2022, Estonia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, 81')

Gloomy undertones, mankind’s inherent brutality, instinctual actions, and self-destruction: these are some recurrent themes in Kim Ki-duk’s oeuvre. No exception on his posthumous Kõne Taevast – on the contrary, the same themes grow obsessively in the mind of a young woman who is imprisoned in a compromising relationship. An almost philosophical film that encourage us to think about one of the most contradictory and deep-rooted human needs: love. How to run away from a nightmare that seems to through us into the whirlwind of violent passion? Is it at all possible to quench our physical and sensual impulse, stopping the flesh from subduing the mind? Can self-control and autonomy exist when the lover feels so dependent on the object of their affection?