Official screening

  • wednesday, 7 september 2022
Sala Giardino
by Enrico Ghezzi e Alessandro Gagliardo

(2022, Italy, 200')

This is not about Austrian author Karl Kraus, nor his books. It’s not about World War I, either. Rather, this film is about the reflection of a human species that isn’t all that used at looking itself in the mirror, though now can look at itself from an outside perspective – the camera’s. Those who know a thing or two on the history of cinema will probably understand the reference: Dziga Vertov’s Cine-Eye (1924). In over three hours of film, Ghezzi and Gagliardo try to consence the countless moments life has us deal with: chance encounters, agonizing farewells, friendship and love, nostalgia, anticipation. All of this pictured within a macro-context ever so unstable and changing, that of politics and society.

Enrico Ghezzi e Alessandro Gagliardo

(b. 1952) is a philosophy graduate who worked extensively at Italian state broadcaster RAI as a presenter, author, and cinema critic. Some of his shows have run for over thirty years, the most famous being Blob, a collection of cut-and-edited footage from other TV shows presented without comment. From 1991 to 1998, Enrico Ghezzi has been director of the Taormina Film Festival. He produced video clips for musicians such as Tying Tiffany and Franco Battiato.

A director and screenwriter, Alessandro Gagliardo’s best-known documentary is Un mito antropologico televisivo (2011), focused on the effects TV investigative reports had in Sicily in the years 1991 to 1994.